Modern Era of Digital Marketing

Modern Era of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing basically refers to the process of promoting your products or services among people to increase your productivity skills all over the world.

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Modern Era of Digital Marketing

In this modern era of digital marketing, as there is an increase in technologies one such change is brought up by the Internet in today’s world which has made a great change in everyone’s life.

So basically Digital Marketing refers to promoting your services with the help of online mode using new era technologies with the help of mobile phones or any other digital mode. The development in the modern era of Digital Marketing changed the way businesses use technology for marketing.

In earlier people had to visit other places for their official works, but with the increase in the modern era of digital marketing nowadays people like to work with the help of digital devices without physically going there and in much less time.

It has also become a new way to approach more customers and to understand customers’ behavior towards the modern era of Digital Marketing as to compare with the earlier traditional market.

Word Press and the Importance of Word Press in the Modern Era of Digital Marketing?

Word Press is basically an open-source for your website also considered as the most popular used in website managing in use on the web in the modern era of digital marketing. In the modern era of digital marketing, one can easily maintain websites in WordPress. It is approximately used by 75million  websites in today’s time.

If we talk about the importance of Word Press in the modern era of Digital Marketing so it is of great advantage that it is free to use. It has been made the most popular Content Management System.  Also, it is easy to understand.

Google loves word press sites, which is the one main reason in giving  Word Press first preference. is basically for those who wish to host their website can easily purchase a domain name and can easily run their business into success with Digital Marketing.

Word press also provides you with a number of features such as plugins with which you can easily create your website. Moreover, WordPress is easy to handle so that one can have proper control on its website, also can make changes in content whenever required. We can easily set security updates and maintenance updates can occur automatically so that the site is well protected and up-to-date.

Word Press also offers clean design options.  In the modern era of digital marketing, they offer a wide variety of templates to display content in a better way whether it is a blog or a commercial site.  IT offers a number of themes that can easily fit the size of any screen.

What are different Google Algorithms?

Google’s Algorithm work by searching webpages that contain keywords used to search, then assigns a rank to a page by checking several factors, by also checking that how many times the main keyword appears on the page.

Page rank is basically a way to measure the importance of website pages. In the modern era of digital marketing, the popularity of your website is based upon volume, structure, and quality of the backlinks.

The different google algorithms are-  Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Rankbrain, Possum, Fred.

What is on-page SEO?

In the modern era of digital marketing on-page, SEO is a way of optimizing web pages individually to rank higher and gain more relevant traffic in search engines.

On-page measures both the included content and HTML source code of page which can be optimized as if opposed to off-page SEO which provides links and other external signals.

On-page SEO is very essential for search engines because it helps to understand your website in a better way, to people seeking information about anything online using the set of keywords in the modern era of digital marketing.

If we compare with previous years there has been a wide variety of changes in SEO. In spite of this, it still dominates online marketing in various techniques.  There is numerous benefit of on-page SEO due to which it is considered 100% perfect and beneficial.

  • Local Results: We always look up for the finest results, due to which on-page SEO is considered as the best factor. Higher results can be achieved by adding the location in the title of the landing page, Google Map, etc. Google’s local results are the main component in SEO results in this modern era.
  • Powerful and Inexpensive Marketing: Websites can be highlighted in results in the most inexpensive way with the help of the page structures. Clearly defined keywords help in increasing Page Rank.
  • Permanent Value: Permanent SEO is a beneficial asset we get, thanks to On-page SEO. On the other hand, link building only makes links de-indexed, which are at the cost of a constant effort.
  • Timesaving: As compared with the off-page SEO techniques, on-page SEO techniques are easy to handle/control and save time as we move to add value to the website. For this, no external partners are required.
  • Improve CTR: The optimization of meta title and meta description is a part of On-Page SEO. This leads to the improvement of Click through Rate for organic results. In this way, we not only make sure to appear in the first results of Google but also assure clicks by users on the results.
  • More Organic Traffic Sources: Images and videos are a basic role that needs to be optimized in the modern era of digital marketing in order to enhance the landing pages, which not only attract visitors off the Google Search results but also from Google images, or even YouTube.
  • Leverage Long Tail Keywords: Inclusion of long term keywords in the website content and in internal links is a very important aspect in order to achieve good rankings and to push upon them.
  •  Page Speed: Then, comes perfect SEO optimization for the website. In order to have that, the primary requirement is always the high page speed. Thus, this brings about sprouted user’s experience with the possibility of an improved website conversion rate that would lead to higher website rankings.
  • Uniqueness: We can provide rise to the essence of uniqueness on the website with the help of On-Page SEO factors. In this process, always keep your eyes open and steer clear of possible penalties from Google Updates with the help of different meta tags, texts, etc.

To Conclude: With SEO strategy, always look up at On-Page SEO for its effectiveness. Another advice would be to have all On-Page factors 100% monitored before stepping onto the Off-Page field. This would give an upper hand when you lock horns with your competitors

What is the off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a technique we can utilize to improve the ranking of the website in the search engine results page (SERPs). Basically it refers to all the activities that you and others do away from the website to raise the ranking of a page using the search engines.

Basically considering off-page SEO helps in promotion methods, beyond website design, for the purpose of ranking website higher in the search results.

Depending on our marketing goals, the time we spend on off-page search engine optimization will vary.  According to the statics, 30%of website owners spend time on off-page factors, whereas 70% are on-page factors. For other website owners, these percentages are reserved.

Off-page simply helps Google to understand what others think about the website you created. Social Networking Sites, Blogging, Blog Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Link Baiting are different types of off-page SEO.

Benefits of Off-Page SEO:

  • Increase SERP: SERP rankings help to know how far your website ranks on Google’s results page. The higher the rank is, the more users will see the website when they do searches, which means that they are likely to click on the link to your website. So by increasing SERP, you’ll increase your CTR as well.
  • Increase PageRank: In this, the modern era of digital marketing it’s easy to mistake PageRank as SERPs. SERP rankings are basically the ranking of a website on the results page. PageRank is a totally different thing. PageRank is a numeric measure Google provides to each individual web page on a website based on the number and quality of the links on each page.
  • Increase website’s Exposure: In the modern era of digital marketing more exposure is what is required in the modern era of digital marketing because more exposure improves the chances of getting more visitors.
  • By using off-page SEO to increase the page ranking, which helps in increasing SERP rankings, you’ll end up increasing the exposure of the website, thereby drawing even more traffic to the website.

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