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Google Search Console

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a web service provided by Google which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of the websites.

In simple words, Google Search Console is a collection of tools and resources to help website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals monitor website performance in the Google Search index.

It is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain the presence of your site in Google Search results.

What is the process to add a website to the Google Search Console?

Firstly to add a website to google console you have to follow the given process:

  • Sign in to Google account, for this you have to use your business account if it is a business website and not a personal website.
  • Then proceed to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Select the Website from the given drop-down menu and mention the URL of your website and you have to use the same URL that appears in the browser bar.
  • Proceed to Continue.
  • Select a way to verify your own website.
  • If your site supports both Http:// and https://, add both as different sites and also add each domain.            The overview report in Google Search Console mainly features three main reports:
  • Performance
  • Coverage
  • Enhancements.
What are Search Results report in Search Console?

In the old Google Search Console, the Search Analytics report displayed a 7, 28, or 90-day summary of how frequently your website appears in the search results.

On the dashboard, we can see data that can be broken down into the following metrics:

  • Pages
  • Queries
  • Devices
  • Countries
  •     In the latest new version of GSC, you’ll see the Search Results under the Performance section. The same metrics will  be available, also you will achieve the ability to filter results by:
  • Job posting.
  • Rich results.
  • AMP  pages.
  • Non-rich AMP results.

In Google Search Console if the spreadsheets are filled with traffic and keyword positioning changes, then Search Performance is the ranch dip. If not for the content opportunities then, at least, for the impressions and clicks data by country and device.

What is the Discover report in GSC?   

The discover report is new in Google Search Console. Google introduced discover reports in April 2019 to give publishers insight into how searchers are discovering their whole content.


How to use the Discover Report?

Being a publisher, you can use the report to understand, how searchers interact with the site on discovering feed.

You can see what types of content perform how well, how content is performing compared to other traditional search results. AMP stories are also included in this report.

How to fix the Crawl Errors?

Domain Name System Error: This error states something is happening on the server-side so always contact wherever you are hosting.

Server Errors: These server errors happen when the site is being hit with too much traffic. You need to dig deeper to see if it’s an issue related to the connection or related to a timeout.

Soft 404 error: These errors indicate that the header HTTP response code hasn’t returned a 404 code. To fix, implement a 301 redirect if a page is dead or otherwise review the page for duplicate content.

404 errors: These are the most common error you will receive. 404 errors occur when you unpublish a page, etc. While 404 errors never impact your rankings necessarily, but they can impact your backlinks. If there are 20+ backlinks pointing a 404 page, then you need to 301 redirect that page instantly.

Sitemaps Report: Sitemaps feel like a mysterious man is hidden behind the green curtain. So what you include in your sitemap, from excluding tags to removing categories, can affect your website look. Paying attention to Sitemaps report warnings.

You can view both of the old and new versions of Google Search Console. The Sitemaps report in GSC shares insights into what is going on your website. Yes, these are errors found in a sitemap, but so much more can be acknowledged from this error report.

What is the Speed Report?

The Page Report launched in November 2019. You can monitor page speed issues in GSC. This report helps SEO marketers dive into page speed issues by URL.

How to utilize the Page Speed report in Google Search Console?

You can use the provided report to track changes over the span of time. If you make an update to one of the URLs, then this Page Speed report will give access to you to monitor and track if users experienced better performance.

It will also show you the URLs which are performing well. The Page Speed report allows marketers to keep an eye on all the page speed issues in the convenience of GSC. You no longer need to access the PageSpeed Insights tool.

Mobile Usability

What is the Mobile Usability report?

Google launched a Mobile Usability report in GSC  before the announcement of moving to a mobile-first index. The Mobile Usability report provides you the opportunity to troubleshoot any design and development issues with mobile.

How to fix Mobile Usability report issues?

A well-maintained web design strategy can instantly turn into a slow, unclickable, scrolling mess of the website, sending into a whirlwind of zero leads and also increased bounce rate.

The side-effects of a poorly designed mobile site can leave you drowning in low organic traffic and with no customers.

Here are some errors in the Mobile Usability report and also stated how to fix them:

  • Content wider than the screen: Always be sure that your pages don’t require horizontal scrolling to view it entirely.
  • Clickable elements too close together: Always make sure that your links and buttons are far enough.
  • Viewport didn’t configure: Keeping in mind make sure your pages use the meta viewport tag to adjust its dimensions based on the device which is used by visitors.

How to fix Security Issues in Google Search Console?

If you see security issues in Google Search Console, Google will show the information on how to fix such problems. Always work closely with your developer to get these cleaned up totally.

Once the action is taken to remove such issues, you can request Google’s team to review your site again. Now, there should be a reassuring green note from Google stating that “No issues detected.”

What are the benefits of GSC for ranking faster?

Google Search Console can help you to become successful when it points to the search game. There will be below given benefits if you use this tool-

1. Helps in recognizing the index errors: Google Search console helps in finding the index and crawl errors on your website, sign in into your account, add the property, then invite Google crawlers to the website.

Once crawling on your website, they will show the errors which your website has, then fix all the errors and re-invite crawlers to crawl on your website again.

This helps in solving a lot of errors that can affect the user experience on their website.

2. It helps you to understand which website is linking to you: If you want to know who is linking to you? Google Search Console tells provides the exact websites which are linking to you.

You can understand by clicking on ‘Search Traffic’ and then by clicking on ‘Links to your site’, and guess then what? BOOOM! the report is out there! Make sure your website is fully optimized in order to help Google in this journey and to rank you on page no 1.

Also, read guides and blogs of the biggest marketers in the world namely Neil Patel and many more!

3. Google Search Console helps to know if you have Schema Markup in the place: So have you ever heard about It helps you to set the markup data for the search engines.

This helps search engines understand the details of each and every page on the website. Google has made this a very essential factor for ranking as well as a good On-site practice.



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